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Leila Grian Middleton

18 years old and currently living in Tasmania, Australia with my favorite film camera and a strong need to capture everything around me with it. I develop my own film mostly, wanting to keep every scratch and fingerprint burnt into the negative along the way, to keep it as part of the final artwork. I like photos taken unexpectedly, a quick split-second decision on a walk home is often where I end up capturing my best photos. I like to follow my intuition rather than giving myself too much time to over-evaluate a photoshoot or a plan, and instead figure out the meaning after the photo is taken; why I chose to take it in the first place. I began my photography journey in 2018 as the recipient of a Bob Brown Photography Award in my small town of Cygnet, and from then I would spend every spare hour sitting in my garden taking photos of birds or insects, and often nagging my parents to take me driving so I could catch the afternoon sun. In 2021 I was awarded Editor's Choice by Lensculture for my first-ever film photo. In 2022, my most successful year, I was awarded two Nominations and an Honorable Mention in the Black and White Awards. Followed by winning Bronze and another Honorable Mention in the One Shot Contest later that year. Finally, in November of 2022, I was the winner of one of Australia's most prestigious competitions, the Head On Photo Festival. Going on from this, I am hoping to study Photography or Art History at university, however, I am undecided on what path I wish to take. I am positive that it will be photography related. I am looking forward to continuing to get my art out there and see my style develop and change, especially at such a young age in a very competitive environment.

Leila Grian Middleton

Photographic Areas of Focus

Abstract, Alternative Process, Film & Alternative Process, Film/Analog, Photojournalism, Street, Travel



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