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Green ladder

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Matteo Rovatti

My name is Matteo Rovatti, I am 33 years old and I am a landscape photographer from Genoa, Liguria, Italy who currently lives in Turin, Italy. My passion for photography came very early and, to be honest, was the result of my interest in the railway. More or less since 2006 with my first compact camera I started to immortalize trains of all kinds and colors that were filling the landscapes of all Italy and beyond. It is in fact from this that I have extended my particular genre to the more classical landscape style trying to give my interpretation to the wonderful landscapes that I have been lucky enough to see and to immortalize with my artificial eye. Over the years, changing different models of cameras (always from Nikon), I have always tried to deepen the technique by looking carefully at the photos of the professionals, trying to replicate those results always maintaining my personal style both of realization and post-production. For some years now, always as a self- taught, I have specialized more and more in "fine-art" landscape photography, in particular in cityscapes, sunrises, sunsets and astrophotography trying to tell the story hidden behind the realization to those who look at the image and the same sensations that I felt during the shooting phase. I am a fan of high dynamic range (HDR) images and of long exposures that I make using different plate filters (polarizer, GND and ND). I hope that my passion can one day be transformed into something more but the most important thing is to believe in it and never stop dreaming!

Matteo Rovatti

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