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Railway Station n° 1027

Roberto Di Patrizi

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The story of this street photographer is a fascinating journey of artistic discovery that unfolds over the years. Roberto Di Patrizi was born in Rome in 1964. He began to delve into photography only in 2010 when he received a digital camera as a gift for his forty-sixth birthday from his beloved wife, Donatella. Despite having harbored a shy love for this art form, it is only at this point that he decides to explore it thoroughly. Before embarking on the path of photography, his primary passion was music. He played the guitar in various settings, including on the street, spending many years in the field of musical entertainment. However, his career takes a significant turn when, at the age of 35, he starts working at a television station. Here, he takes on various roles, including video editor, broadcast technician, and sound engineer. During this experience, he has the opportunity to explore what will later become another passion: computer-generated imagery (CGI). His 13 years of experience in this field provide a solid foundation in the worlds of art and technology. Later, he decides to pursue training as a General 3D Artist, enrolling in a master's program that allows him to deepen his knowledge and obtain Autodesk Certification. Despite feeling fulfilled in this field, he feels the need to dedicate himself to photography and decides to take a specific course in photographic technique. Roberto has always preferred not to take shortcuts, believing that the beauty of a journey lies in the path taken to reach the destination. His dedication to street photography shows us how a passion for art can grow gradually and flourish in unexpected moments of life. His artistic journey has been shaped by his musical roots, work experience in television broadcasting, and training as a General 3D Artist. Each piece of this journey has contributed to making him the person and artist he is today. Every shot he captures along the streets is the result of years of experiences, knowledge, and artistic insights accumulated along his path. In conclusion, Di Patrizi is an inspiring example of how a passion for art can grow and blossom in unexpected moments of life. His photographs testify to his love for the street and his skill in capturing unique and authentic moments. He reminds us of the importance of following our passions, embracing our artistic journey, and finding inspiration from the experiences we encounter along our path.

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Railway Station n° 1027
2023Color Photography Contest

Railway Station n° 1027

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