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Giò Tarantini Giò Tarantini is an Italian photographic artist. Born in Brindisi (Italy) in 1970, he soon moved to Lecce and to Corfù in Greece where he stayed for a while before moving back to Italy. He has then lived in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) for 24 years. Home is where the heart is, people say and many places mean a lot to him. Giò Tarantini imbibes all the warm atmospheres and the shades of the lands full of sunshine and contrasts he has lived in. The colors, the tastes and the good smell of the sea breeze and of the Apulian inland merge with the deep blue color and the intense lights of the Greek islands where he has lived for long periods. Those sharp lights, which have the power to deeply transform and reshape the amazing landscapes, have always been an inspiration to him. That is where Giò Tarantini’s deep passion for spectacular and dramatic views comes from. He is a careful observer of the fascinating landscapes and natural environments he is surrounded by. In exploring them, he grasps their unique features and their ancient atmospheres guided by an approach which is both discrete and attentive. He has always been a travelling soul: his pursuit of new experiences pushes him to continually evolve his vision on a journey which is both physical and spiritual. He travels throughout Europe and Asia with the tireless curiosity of those who love exploring and getting to know the hidden depths and the tracks that time, events and people have made in the natural scenes. He never gets used to the amazing portraits he is presented by nature which he considers as a theatre or a stage on which magnificent phenomena are displayed for men to contemplate and to be astonished by. These emotions, feelings and colors find their natural expression in photography which Giò Tarantini met four years ago. Since then, not a day has gone by without him doing something connected with this strong passion which makes him feel alive. He is a passionate photographer animated by incredible enthusiasm, constantly striving to find the natural and evocative picture, a never ordinary composition, perspectives that have strong impact on people in the attempt to capture unique, unforgivable moments. Photography means a lot to Giò Tarantini. It is a special way to convey feelings and emotions and save them from oblivion. It is not a mere reproduction of reality though. It is much more than that. It means reshaping moments through innate creativity which surprises and makes people think. That is the reason why Giò Tarantini’s photography training goes in different directions. He started thanks to Paolo Gasparini, a well-known Italian photographer based in Bassano del Grappa. Since they first met, Giò Tarantini has continued to deepen his photographic technical knowledge with tenacity and serious study of the different expressive techniques. What strikes in Giò Tarantini’s pictures is a careful, precise and intimate use of lights. In his pictures the light delineates, it carves figures, it enhances shapes and gives power to colors and moments through a deep sensitivity. In his pictures the light never invades. Tit highlights essential aspects or details which reveal strong feelings, compassionate understanding and sense of humour. Attracted to the power of lights, Giò Tarantini has developed a deep sensitivity to it and awareness of its importance by attending workshops on flash photography and lightning held by several experts

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