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Born in 1987 and raised on the island of Capri, I'm greatly inspired by the masters of symbolism such as Odilon Redon and Karl Wilhem Diefenbach, the recurrent themes in my works are identity and existentialism. My past experiences deeply shaped my obsessions as an artist. As a child, I faced social isolation and grew up as an outcast. These struggles corroded my sense of identity, and made me question what is my place in this world. Photography became my escape and to this day is still my form of therapeutic art. My mission as an artist is to discover symbols to question reality. In my photographs I show symbols and fragments from an unknown realm. My images contain pieces of real subjects and parts that are metaphysical, illusions that narrow in on how the metaphysical does coexist with our reality. Photography is my form of expression because it forces me to seek these symbols within our reality. The timeless nature of photography is key in my works - in the metaphysical world time does not exist, just as in the fragments I represent in my photographs.

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