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With a Bachelor’s Degree in ICTs and Advertising from the UPV-EHU, University of the Basque Country, my journey has always been intertwined with the art of photography. My experiences have led me to collaborate with renowned fashion and advertising photographers like Alejandro Cabrera, Michael Wray, Michael Shelley, Paco Navarro, Toni Riera, and more, enriching my skills and nurturing my passion. However, my love for photography extends back to my childhood. I fondly remember playfully capturing moments by imprinting images in my mind, utilizing the magic of retinal persistence by quickly closing my eyes to seize a memory. Between 1980 and 1982, while pursuing my university studies, I delved into analog photography through courses at the Cultural Association “El Desván” in Bilbao. To me, photography is a means of transcending superficial creativity—a way to authentically communicate my emotions. It serves as an escape from the pressures of advertising objectives, allowing me to venture into the world with a fresh perspective. It's about discovering beauty, embracing what truly resonates with me, and stirring my soul—a process that has enabled me to cultivate a deeply personal vision

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Ingrávidos | Weightless
2022One Shot Photo Contest

Ingrávidos | Weightless

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